Follow These Tips To Starting A Business Recycling Program

Your business likely goes through a lot of paper, electronics, and other items that can be recycled. If you don't yet have a recycling program in your office, now is the time to start. Here are some helpful tips for starting a business recycling program.

Communicate the Importance of Recycling to Employees

Before you start your recycling program, you need to let your employees know what you are planning. Prepare a presentation that shows the importance of recycling, including how essential it is to avoid having materials end up in landfills. Inform employees of how much paper, plastic, and aluminum your business goes through on a daily basis, which could easily be recycled. Let them know about the type of recycling program you are going to start and make it a point to keep communicating the importance regularly as a way to remind them to recycle.

Make Recycling Easy

When your employees are busy trying to focus on their work during the day, they might not have it in their mind to walk down the hall or into another room to put waste into the proper recycling bins. In order to get your employees to recycle more, make it as easy as possible. Provide them with recycling bins that are labeled and located near all regular trash bins in the office. If you have trash bins in the break room, you should have recycling bins there as well. Recycling bins should also be placed in areas where you tend to have a lot of paper waste, such as near the fax machine and in the copy room.

Offer Incentives to Encourage More Recycling

To go one step further, think of ways you can offer incentives for employees when a certain amount of waste goes into the recycling bins. This might be anything from offering a casual Friday one week when reaching a certain goal of filling up the paper recycling bin, to filling up the aluminum can recycling bin and giving your employees an extra 30 minutes for lunch one day.  

Prepare For Disposal of Recyclables

Once your employees begin filling up these recycling bins, you then need to have a way to get them to the local recycling center. There are a few ways to do this, from bringing the bins yourself, to having them picked p. A convenient method to use is to have a recycling dumpster or large container on the site of your business, then empty the recycle bins into the dumpster. Once it fills up, have the local waste management company pick it up. There are also recycling companies that will pick up all recyclables from your offices.\

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