Useful Accessories For Large Gates

Having a large and impressive gate is not only attractive, but also useful. It keeps a lot of people out of your driveway while adding an attractive feature to your property. However, large gates could do with a few accessories. It does not matter if these are industrial gates or residential gates, these types of accessories are very handy either way.

Electronic Gate Openers/Lifts

A massive gate is great, but a massive gate that is opened electronically is even better. Depending on which direction the gate currently opens, you can get openers that open to the side, outward, inward, and gate lifts that lift up and down. If you are not sure what product to buy, as these accessories all have a weight limit, ask the sales person to check for you before you buy the lift or opener.

Door Bells/Buzzers

If you do have someone stopping by, it helps to either open the gate for him/her, or have a door bell or buzzer. The door bell or buzzer for the gate is installed at the gate, but the wires that alert you with a noise run into your home or your security system. Since it would be very difficult to knock on most gates and get a response from you, the door bell or buzzer is one accessory you definitely cannot live without.


If you get the door bell or buzzer, you should also have an intercom. Kids play games with door bells and buzzers, and intruders may attempt to get through your gates. You want to know for sure that the people you are opening your gate for are people you expect or want to see. An intercom requires that the person ringing your doorbell or buzzer speak and announce who he or she is. This ensures your safety and allows you to prevent young pranksters from bothering you any further.

Nighttime Security Cameras

It is highly unlikely that anyone during the day will attempt to scale your gate or charge through it, since they would be spotted by others. However, nighttime is quite a different story. For that reason, another really good accessory to have is a nighttime security camera. These cameras can record what they see in the dark, which helps spot and identify intruders before they can even scale the gate. Before they get close to your home or manage to steal lots of product from a warehouse, you can have the police right there waiting.

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