Steel Service Bodies For Trucks: 3 Reasons To Choose Custom Fabrication

A well-made service body can turn a basic truck into an endlessly versatile commercial vehicle. Vehicles fitted with service bodies are used by a huge variety of businesses, from electrical contractors to tree surgeons, and steel service bodies are particularly useful if your vehicles take a beating while they are out on the job.

If you need to fit your business trucks with steel service bodies, consider skipping pre-fabricated service bodies and having yours custom-made by a steel fabrication service. Custom fabrication can have a number of advantages over choosing 'off-the-shelf' steel service bodies.

Advantages Of Choosing Custom Fabricated Steel Service Bodies

Bespoke Design 

Pre-fabricated service bodies for trucks may be budget-friendly, but they are available in a very limited range of sizes and designs. They are useful if you need a generic service body to improve your truck's storage capabilities, but can fall short if you need something more specialized.

For example, if you operate an HVAC ducting installation service, you will probably need a service body with oversized storage compartments for transporting large sections of ducting. Tree surgeons and arborists can get real benefits from a service body with ample storage space (for transporting tools) and a built-in light duty crane (for moving large branches and pulled stumps) but finding a pre-made service body that has both of these features can be very difficult.

By having your service body fabricated to order, you can create a design for your service body that meets your business' specific needs. Custom fabricated service bodies can be invaluable for a niche business, but they also are a solid investment for general contractors who want to maximize efficiency and work turnover.

Improved Vehicle Safety

Attaching a mass-produced service body to a truck can undermine the vehicle's overall safety, especially if the service body is poorly weight-balanced, or needs to be adjusted or modified to fit your commercial vehicle. You should also bear in mind that manufacturers of service bodies only need to meet safety standards that apply solely to the body, rather than how the body will perform when attached to a vehicle.

Custom fabricated bodies can be designed from the ground up to be perfect weight-balanced, and will not require any dangerous or jury-rigged modifications when they are attached to your vehicle.

Assurance Of Build Quality

Most mass-produced steel service bodies for trucks are reasonably well-made, but choosing custom fabricated service bodies gives you extra assurance of high build quality. Custom fabrication means the fabrication process is overseen by skilled human fabricators and tool operators at every step, even if you choose a fabrication shop with semi-automated CNC machining.

Custom fabrication also gives you the advantage of knowing exactly what type and quality of steel is used to create your service body. This can be especially useful if your service body will be exposed to saltwater or other corrosive chemicals, as you can stipulate the use of specialized steel types (such as stainless or duplex steel) that are resistant to corrosion.

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