Chilly Summer In The North? How To Prepare For It

If you live in the northern half of the U.S., you may be in for quite a surprise this summer. Lower than average temperatures are predicted for the season. Unseasonably cool weather is already the regular thing for nighttime, followed by cold mornings and warm to boiling afternoons. While it is great that you may be able to give your air conditioners a rest this year, you may need to turn on your heat for bedtime. Here is how to prepare in advance for drops in temperatures that only desert dwellers typically experience.

Heating Installation

If you had planned to install a new furnace or heating system this fall, you may want to get a jump on that now. It may seem strange to worry about heat in summer, but with the odd temperatures experienced in this part of the country, it makes perfect sense to get ahead of this project. It is also an excellent time to install a new furnace or heating system because many other people are not thinking about it and they are not scheduling HVAC contract time to do so.

Heating Repairs and Maintenance

Now is also an excellent time to have your heating system checked and maintained. The particularly warm temperatures during the afternoons means you do not need to have the furnace on, and the heat your home collects during the day will sustain you if the contractor has to work past sunset. Then you can turn the furnace on for bedtime knowing that it will work effectively and keep you warm all night.

Additionally, preparing for a cooler-than-usual summer means that you will already be ready for the colder temperatures this fall. Because the heating installation and repairs have already been completed in early summer, the HVAC technician does not need to return in the fall. Unless something unusual happens, and you are in need of more repairs for your heating system, you are good to go until next year.

Temporary Setbacks

Most heating installations and repair work can be completed in less than a day. However, there are special circumstances that may cause you to be without heat for a day or two. If the evening and nighttime weather in your area gets particularly cool for summer (and it could happen), then you should keep all windows shut during the day to store up heat. If it is still too cool for you at night, there are always extra blankets to solve this temporary problem.

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