Learn How To Create A Balance Beam For Your Little Gymnast

When you want to great a great balance beam for your child to use to better her gymnastics skills, it is important to take your time to choose the right materials to use for the job. You do not want to simply use a large 4x4 piece of wood because it will not give her the same feeling that a balance beam would. The following guide walks you through a few things to think about when creating a balance beam for your child.

Consider Where You Plan to Place the Balance Beam

You need to consider if you plan to build the balance beam for indoor or outdoor use. If you plan to create a stationary beam that is a little bit off of the ground outside, you need to use treated lumber to create the beam. Treated lumber will be able to stand up to the elements without falling apart like untreated wood would.

Consider How Long You Want the Beam to Be

In order for the beam to be as strong as it can possibly be, it is best to take three different 2x4 beams of wood that are the same length and attach them together. You do not want to piece together wood from all different lengths because it will not create a smooth surface when you are finished.

You Need the Beam to Have Rounded Edges

When you create a balance beam, it is best to round the edges of the beam so that if your child falls she will not be injured on a sharp edge of the beam. It is best to smooth the edges of the beam after you have attached the three pieces of wood to one another.

Cover the Beam with Carpeting

If you have a young child who is just starting to learn gymnastics, cover the beam in Berber or another short stand carpeting because it will provide your daughter with more grip and create a smooth surface for her to practice on. The carpeting will also prevent her from getting splinters when she practices. Be sure to use outdoor carpeting if the beam will be kept outdoors.

When the beam is complete, your daughter should be able to start using it right away. Be sure to watch her while she practices on the beam to ensure that she is using it safely and adjustments can be made as needed to keep her as safe as she can possibly be at all times.

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