4 Tips For Taking Better Care Of Your Drop Deck Trailer

If you own a drop deck trailer, you are going to want to make sure that you know how to take care of this major investment that you just made. Trailers, just like vehicles, require care and maintenance.

Always Check the Air

The tires on your trailer need to be taken care of just like the tires on your vehicle. You are going to want to check the air pressure on your tires before you take your trailer on any big trip.

If you don't want to manual check the tire pressure on your tires every time you drive, you can install a monitoring system on your trailer's tires. An inflation system or tire pressure monitoring system will let you know when your tires need more pressure.

Even if you have a tire pressure setting, you are still going to want to check it and make sure that the system pressure is set correctly and that the system is on and working.

Keep an Eye On Tire Wear

Keep an eye on how your tires wear as well. If your tires start to wear unevenly, it is a sign that your trailer is not balanced properly. It can also be a sign that the springs on the tire are not working correctly either.

If your tires are wearing unevenly, have a mechanic inspect not just the tires, but the suspension and balance as well.

Keep It Lubed

Next, you want to make sure that you keep all the moving parts on your trailer properly lubed.

When you apply lubricant to the moving parts of your trailer, make sure that you are only using one type of lubricant on your tire. Mixing multiple types of lubricants is generally not a good idea, especially if they have a different base.

When you add grease, make sure that you wipe away the old grease, and add enough new grease to get rid of the old grease. New grease not only helps keep the parts on your trailer lubricated, it also helps get rid of dirt that is clinging to the old lubricant.

Inspect the Brakes

Your trailer is going to have its own independent brake system. Make sure that the brake pads are not wearing down. For spring-style brakes, make sure that the spring forms the correct angle. For drum style breaks, make sure that the drums have enough material inside of them.

When you own a drop trailer, you are going to want to make sure that you take care of your trailer by keeping an eye on the tire pressure and wear, keep the moving parts well lubricated, and inspect the brakes.

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