Ready For Winter? How To Protect Your Powder-Coating During The Harsh Weather

If you have powder-coated items in your yard, such as lawn furniture or fencing, you know that they're almost maintenance-free. However, that doesn't mean that they're completely maintenance-free. In fact, your powder-coated items will need plenty of maintenance, especially during the winter. Here are three steps you need to take to protect your powder-coated finish this winter.

Watch the Water Exposure

Water and sun exposure can wreak havoc on powder-coated finishes. Unfortunately, you can't stop the natural exposure to sun and water, especially on larger items such as fences. However, you can take steps to prevent some of the other sources of water exposure, especially exposure caused by irrigation systems. Now that winter is on its way, turn your irrigation system off. If you must use your irrigation system during the winter, such as is often necessary in warmer climates, be sure to adjust the direction of your sprinkler heads away from anything that's been powder-coated.

Give Them Proper Cleaning

Your powder-coated items will need to be washed now that winter is almost here. The one things you need to know about cleaning your powder-coated items is that you should avoid all harsh cleansers and chemicals. They can damage the finish. Instead, use a mild detergent and clear water to keep your powder-coated items looking their best during the winter.

Pressure Washing

Your powder-coated fences will need to be cleaned with a pressure washer at least once during the winter. If they're exposed to snow, mud, or deicing agents, they should be pressure washed about once a month.

Hand Washing

Small items, such as lawn furniture that will stay outside during the winter, should be hand-washed at least once during the winter. Fill a bucket with warm water, add bit of mild dish detergent, and wash your items with a clean sponge. Rinse each item with clear water after washing.

Protect With the Right Wax

Your powder-coated items need to be protected with the right wax during the winter. In most cases, you can use the same wax that you use on your cars. Simply apply a small amount of the wax to the surface of your powder-coated items and buff well with a soft, clean cloth. Repeat the process again during the spring to continue the protection.

If you have powder-coated items in your yard, make sure they receive the winter protection they require. The tips provided here will help ensure that the powder-coating survives the harsh winter weather.

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