4 Important Types Of Aircraft Inspections New Owners Need To Be Aware Of

Individuals who plan to buy air jets need to know the importance of routine air inspections. There are different types of inspections, and some might need to get performed in an emergency. There have been many tragic plane crashes that have occurred around the world. Therefore, the subject of inspections should not be treated lightly, even by individuals who consider themselves skilled private pilots. The following points identify a few important issues aircraft inspections may uncover. 

Wear and Tear Repair Inspections

An aircraft may appear to be in pristine condition to untrained eyes. However, certain parts will naturally deteriorate due to wear and tear and need to be replaced. These parts include brakes, landing gear, and tires. If a plane cannot properly land, property damages and bodily injury could occur. Routine aircraft inspections can identify worn parts and replace them accordingly.

Hot Section Inspections

These inspections involve identifying issues in the engine that are prone to overheating. Overheated engines may affect a plane's performance. The blades and discs are common parts that are prone to overheating. Similar to a car's engine, a plane with an overheated engine may suffer from engine damage or need to stop operation prematurely to prevent damage.

Annual Inspections

Just as the name suggests, this is an inspection that is required once a year. Even if a plane owner has had other inspections or repairs during the 12-month period, this inspection is required by law. This is because some inspections focus on specific portions of planes. Annual aircraft inspections involve inspecting the entire plane from point to point. They must be performed for all aircraft regardless of professional or personal usage.

Major Repair Inspections

These inspections involve checking for any existing issues that could affect a plane's operation. Technicians inspect all parts that could negatively impact a safe flight or landing. They are often done when aircraft gets damaged. A bad landing is an example of an event that requires a major repair inspection. It would need to be done to ensure that the plane is in good condition and safe enough for another flight.

An aircraft inspection company is a good resource to use to ensure that planes are safe for travel. They can service one plane or a fleet of private planes. Their inspections can determine what needs to be done before takeoff. Delaying inspections is against FAA guidelines and could prove to be a deadly decision for pilots and passengers.

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